Szolgáltatások árai:

Listaár Induló
Napijegy a konditerembe 1500Ft  
1 month men gym season ticket - personal season ticket: 8.200Ft 7.200Ft
1 month men gym season ticket - marital season ticket: 13.300Ft 12.100Ft
1 month men gym season ticket 10.000Ft 9.300Ft
1 month women gym season ticket 9.500Ft 8.300Ft
1 month marital season ticket 16.500Ft 15.900Ft
1 month student(until 18 years old)/pensioner season ticket 7.500Ft 5.500Ft
1 month student(university, college) season ticket 8.100Ft 6.500Ft
3 months season ticket 26.600Ft 23.700Ft
6 months season ticket 53.100Ft 42.900Ft
Yearly season ticket 94.900Ft 84.200Ft

Opening Time:
Monday-Friday: 7.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday: 08.30-18.30
On Feast-days are Closed.

If you have a question about sauna’s price, you ask from our
colleagues who help with pleasure.You must use trainers,
athletic uniform and a towel.

The season ticket sale is valid from 2014. May 1st, before
withdrawal we are going to inform our guests verbally and in writing too.
Our prices are in HUF and include VAT.
All season tickets are personal and not transferable! We reserve the right to change prices!
Our guest must to beginning the actuelly training one hour earlier before closing time.

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